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  Personal Information

Age: 17

Gender: Male

  Education Information

Grade: 11th Grade (Fall of 2022)

GPA: 4.0

  Team Information

School: James Madison High School (VA)

Team: MVP Dawgs Gold 2024

  Mindset Traits
Engineer Independent Athlete Type
Drew's Top Mental Traits
Focus Speed
Ability to quickly & accurately focus on proper cues
Growth Mindset
Believes abilities can be improved through effort
Demonstrates self-confidence & assertiveness
Results from TAP Assessment taken September 22, 2021
  Athlete Bio

Hello, my name is Drew Hall. I am a Sophomore at James Madison High School in Vienna VA. I am currently 5' 9 and 180 lbs, I am searching for a college that will push me to grow both academically and as a baseball player.

I've been a multi-sport athlete my entire life:  I started swimming and playing baseball when I was five, and have played hockey since I was ten.  My passion is baseball, but what I like most about all three sports is being part of a team that pushes each other to succeed.  My relationships with my coaches and my teammates are what make baseball - and all sports - fun for me. Improving, individually and as a team, is what makes it rewarding. Something I love about the game of baseball is that you can always learn something new. Whenever you think you have mastered the game, it throws a "curveball" at you.