How do I cancel, transfer, or request a refund for my registration?

Ryzer is not authorized to transfer campers, cancel a registration, or issue refunds.

If you purchased Registration Protection insurance and cannot attend due to a covered reason (such as injury or illness), please contact Allianz Global Assistance with your Policy Number at the respective links/phone numbers.

For Day Camps: eventregistrationprotection.com & 888-799-2832
For Overnight Camps: etravelprotection.com & 800-284-8300

If you did not purchase Registration Protection insurance or need to cancel or transfer for a non-covered reason (such as a scheduling conflict), please contact the Event Organizer. The Event Organizer's contact information is on your registration receipt, on the Contact Us page on the event's website, and retrievable by logging into your Ryzer account. Registration refunds will be determined solely by the Event Organizer and their stated Refund Policy if applicable.

Ryzer has a strict "no refund" policy as it relates to applicable convenience fees. During registration each registrant electronically agrees to the following Refund Policy:

I understand I am registering for this event via Ryzer. I understand Ryzer does not process refunds under any circumstances. Ryzer may charge a fee for the service it provides when you register for an event through this website. Any such convenience fee is non-refundable. The convenience fee, if applicable, will be displayed on the following Payment page.

Event organizers who offer registration via Ryzer do not offer refunds, unless otherwise stated. The exact amount depends on the current and specific cancellation and/or refund policies of the coach, event director, or college/institution.

  How do I find answers about a specific event? (Such as where do I check-in, what should I bring, what time does it start?)

The Coach or Event Organizer provided a website for you to register at. On the website you will find event information including facilities and directions information, what to bring with you to the event, when and where check-in is located, along with the ability to contact the Event Organizer directly through that site via the 'Contact Us' page. If you cannot find the information you are specifically looking for on the site, please contact the Event Organizer directly via the 'Contact Us' page or by logging into your Ryzer account.

  How can I print a copy of my registration receipt?

During your registration a receipt was provided on-screen as well as emailed to the addresses provided. Many times, email providers block automated email receipts and file them as Junk or Spam. Please first check your Junk folder before proceeding. You will look for an email from: customerservice@ryzer.com.

Be sure to check which email account you used during registration. Email receipts are provided to the email you used during registration. If you used your child/the participant email address during registration only - be sure to ask your child/the participant to check their email account.

Additionally, receipts are viewable by logging into your Ryzer account.

If you cannot find your receipt and do not have a Ryzer account, please email customerservice@ryzer.com requesting a copy. Since Ryzer provides registration service for tens-of-thousands of events throughout the U. S. be sure to including the following: Registration ID number, Registrant Name, School/Location the event is held at, what sport you are participating in (if any), any event details including the name of event or date it will be held. Ryzer will resend a receipt with the information provided.

  My credit/debit card is not being accepted online. I am getting an error message, and the site is not accepting my registration. What is wrong?

The vast majority of credit/debit cards are accepted with no issues. If you have an issue with a credit or debit card registration, please first check all information typed in during registration is accurate. Most decline messages are result of a simple typo. Our system will provide you with a reason code indicating the reason for decline.

Ryzer processes several hundred thousand event registrations online. There are also over ten thousand credit card issuers. As a result, there are many reasons a card may not be accepted.

Below we have answered a few of the most frequent reasons for decline, and actions you may take to process your registration.

  Address Verification System. It tells me my address is incorrect but I checked it and it is correct.

We apologize for the trouble you had. Ryzer suggests that you contact your bank to determine the address that they have on file for the "billing address" on your debit card? Even though your statements may come to your house many times the "actual billing address" the bank has on file is incorrect.

ATM and Debit cards have a history of incorrect billing addresses associated with them. This information (the address verification test) is our primary method of security.

Ryzer sends the billing address that you entered during the registration process. The transaction was declined on your banks end. We suggest that you contact your bank and explain to them what happened - and have them read to you the billing address they have on file associated with your card.

We are NOT charging your card. Your bank may be showing a hold in their online banking system for the amount of the attempted transaction. This normally drops out after 72 hours. Again, we suggest that you contact your bank to ask what their policies are - it should not cause you to overdraft, but rather show as a temporary pending hold. You will want to ask them how long they hold that transactions.

Your credit card company may still show a temporary pending hold on the funds after your transaction is completed. It can take several working days for them to process the void on the pending transaction. The time will vary from one company to the next.

  CVV Code decline message. The system is telling me something about a 3-digit or CVV code? What is this and why is it declining?

The payment was declined because the 3-digit code on the back of your card (the CVV vode) did not match what was keyed in on the registration. We are not pulling the funds from your account.

Many cards have both a 4-digit code, and a 3-digit code on the back of their cards. Typically the 4-digit code is the last four digits of your credit/debit card number. The 3-digit code is the required information to key in. Make sure to type in the 3-digit code.

Your bank may elect to display a pending transaction in your online banking for the declined transaction. This is called a "Pending, but not Authorized" transaction. Your bank is electing to display this on their end - typically this lasts for only a few days and then the charge disappears. We are not pulling the funds through but your banks rules choose to display them. Unfortunately we have no control over what they elect to display.

If the 3-digit code on the back of the card has been rubbed/swiped off over time your bank can tell you what that number is if you call them. On many cards there is both a 4-digit number, and a 3-digit number. The correct code to key in is the 3 digit number.

  Is there a fee for registering online? Why is the amount on my statement different from the advertised price?

We may charge a Convenience Fee that appears on the payment page during registration. When applicable, the Convenience Fee applies only to online registration and covers the costs associated with providing you the service of registering online. If in the future you wish to avoid any such fees, contact the Event Organizer prior to registering online to inquire if alternative registration methods are accepted (such as traditional paper check).

If a Convenience Fee applies to your registration, it will be displayed on the payment page prior to completing your registration. All fees are clearly displayed.

  My credit/debit card was declined. I processed a second transaction and was accepted. Why are two charges appearing in my online banking, and am I being charged twice?

If this happens to you, we are only charging your card one time. The first transaction/registration attempt that was declined is not being charged to your credit/debit card. Your bank may be showing that as a hold in their online banking. This normally drops out after 72 hours. Ryzer suggests that you call your bank to ask what their policies are - it should not cause you to overdraft, but rather the charge should show as a hold. You will want to ask them how long the transaction will be held until it is released.

Your credit card company may still show a temporary pending hold on the funds after your transaction is completed. It can take several working days for them to process the void on the pending transaction. The time will vary from one company to the next.

  Accessibility and Section 508 Compliance

The Ryzer event registration system is fully accessible by users with disabilities using Assistive Technology and meets the accessibility and functional requirements of the following Section 508 standards: Sections 1194.21, 1194.22, 1194.31 and 1194.41.

For more information on accessibility or to get alternate forms of product documentation, please e-mail customerservice@ryzer.com. Additionally, our staff is available Monday through Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm Eastern time (non-US holidays) to assist with registering over the phone. You can call our customer service team at (515) 598-9540 for assistance.

  How do I login to my Ryzer account or reset my password?

If you have a Ryzer account, you can login here: https://ryzer.com/login/

If you have an account, but do not know your password, you can reset it here: https://ryzer.com/login/forgotpassword/

If you do not have an account, you can create a free account here: https://ryzer.com/login/signup/

  Does Ryzer share my personal information with others?

Ryzer takes the security of your personal information very seriously. To learn about how we handle your personal information, please review our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

  Ryzer is great - how can I share it with others?

Thank you! We make every effort to provide a valuable service for athletes, their parents, coaches and others looking for relevant events. If you appreciate what we are doing and want to help us continue to grow and offer new products, please use the power of social media to spread the word. We appreciate it. We can be found socially on Facebook, Twitter (@ryzer) and Instagram (@ryzer.com_).

  I am an Event Organizer and would like to use Ryzer for my events, how do I learn more?

Great, we are eager to work with you! Our event management service, My Online Camp, provides the registration and administrative tools you need to run a successful event. By utilizing the My Online Camp service your events will automatically be included in Ryzer. Visit MyOnlineCamp.com to learn more and get started today!