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How it Works

Parents and Participants

Ryzer is changing the way young athletes discover and engage in sports activities and events. Our purpose is to connect the right athlete with the right event; we are able to achieve this by delivering relevant notifications through our customizable alert system. Ryzer's robust database allows users to define the types of activities they enjoy and sends alerts when matching events are posted.

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  • Customize your alerts to align with specific activities, locations, genders, and age groups.
  • If you are a parent or guardian and you want different notifications for each child, that's easy - just create one alert for each child.
  • Keep organized, and remember who the alert is for by giving it a descriptive name.
  • Choose your method of receiving alert notifications - Push Notifications (for smart phone app users), Email, or SMS (text messages).

Create Your Alert

Event Organizers

Communicate with your audience using Ryzer alerts. There is no longer a need for email newsletters or printed brochures. Ryzer digitally delivers event information through push notifications, email, and SMS alerts to an engaged audience of athletes, parents, and coaches. Communication is simpler, cleaner, and more direct.

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  • Offer online registration by becoming a My Online Camp customer and all of your events will be automatically added to Ryzer.
  • Schedule your release date to send event details to recipients.
  • Customize your events by adding a logo, detailed information, and a link to registration.
  • Grow your alert audience by integrating a sign-up widget into your website.
  • Measure your account activity through insightful analytics.

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Coaches and event organizers, promote your events using Ryzer's notification system. Contact us today to unlock the marketing power of Ryzer for your camps, clinics and other events.


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