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Master the Mental Game

Online courses GUARANTEED to help athletes thrive in sports, school, and life.

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Today's athletes invest significant time in physical training, often neglecting mental preparation, which can undermine their confidence, resilience, and ability to handle pressure. Ryzer Mindset Training empowers athletes to conquer these mental hurdles and reach their full potential.

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Each Ryzer Mindset Training course is packed with engaging insights and real-world strategies shared by accomplished college athletes. Meet the athletes.

Gianna Paul
Jack Fracyon
Shyanne Sellers
Mason Richman
Mimi Colyer
KJ Simpson
Kalani Kossa-Rienzi
Ethan Petry
Mia Scott

Gianna Paul | Soccer

"Mental toughness is so important when it comes to soccer, so important when it comes to any sport. If you're not mentally tough it's going to be impossible. It's going to be you ripping on yourself game after game after game and then that actually takes away your love from the sport."

Jack Fracyon | Lacrosse

"I would put athleticism and mental execution on the same pedestal. You need to be able to be mentally tough to be relied on."

Shyanne Sellers | Basketball

"90% of the game is mental, the other 10% comes with skill. But if you're not mentally there, then you're not going to be able to perform to your greatest ability."

Mason Richman | Football

"The thing that's going to get you noticed to be different than other guys is how much you're willing to do the job that the coach wants or the team needs. Team, teammate, self is the hierarchy of stuff you have to put in order."

Mimi Colyer | Volleyball

"Have the ability to fail fast. Fail fast, you get over it, get back up and keep learning wherever you are."

KJ Simpson | Basketball

"Ultimately, when there's an obstacle in the way you just have to figure out a way to maneuver around it. Not only in basketball, but in life as well."

Kalani Kossa-Rienzi | Soccer

"Even if you're the best in the world, it's hard to make a team work, if you aren't following what everyone else is following. Coachability is a huge thing especially at the collegiate level."

Ethan Petry | Baseball

"I try to stay positive and look at the positive side of things. If I had a bad game, I look at what I did the best and what I did to contribute."

Mia Scott | Softball

"My coaches have always told me to control the controllables so that's something that's always stuck with me and something that I like to remind myself when things do happen."

Learn From the Best

Discover how each standout athlete utilizes their unique mental game for peak performance. Browse our course catalog and begin the journey to an athletic mindset.

Alumni Spotlight

Connect with Ryzer alumni to understand the qualities that set them apart, and how Ryzer Mindset Training has shaped their success.

Meet Ashton Maloney

Eagle athlete type logo. The responsible athlete type.

Ashton is a softball and former soccer player. She was a multiple-time softball and soccer academic all-state selection at Liberty High School in Missouri.

Why She's Elite:

Mentally tough competitor who overcame a serious knee injury as a college freshman to become an All-Conference performer

Favorite Ryzer Mindset Training Course:

Improving Athlete Confidence Through Self-Talk

What Does a Ryzer Mindset Training Course Include?

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Features of Ryzer Mindset Training Courses:

  • A series of bite-sized videos designed to inform and engage young athletes.
  • Techniques to improve confidence, mental toughness & coachability.
  • Insightful interviews with elite college athletes.
  • Quizzes and a final exam to confirm mastery.
  • Worksheets and other takeaways to make sure the lessons stick.
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Video Courses

Each course includes a variety of engaging topics and techniques to help improve athletic mindset.

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Worksheets & Quizzes

Practice the skills learned in each section by completing the provided worksheets & quizzes.

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Final Assessment

Prove mastery of the skills taught in each class by passing the final exam and receive certification.

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These courses are a game changer...I would absolutely recommend this course to anyone looking to understand their mind and also how important it is to build your mindset.

- Caleb B.Springfield Sharks 14u Travel Team

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Explore Our Boot Camps

Our library of videos, quizzes, exams, and worksheets are conveniently packaged in three boot camps.

Mental Toughness Boot Camp Image Mental Toughness Boot Camp Image

Mental Toughness Boot Camp

Boost athlete performance with our five-course bundle guaranteed to build confidence, grit and composure under pressure.

Coachability Boot Camp Image Coachability Boot Camp Image

Coachability Boot Camp

Coachability centers on attitude, not athletic talent. Our four-course Coachability Boot Camp instills the essential attributes for athletes to adapt, grow, and excel.

Mental Execution Boot Camp Image Mental Execution Boot Camp Image

Mental Execution Boot Camp

Our four-course Mental Execution bundle empowers athletes to make precise decisions, adapt to dynamic conditions, and consistently perform at their best.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ryzer Mindset Training designed for athletes of a specific age group?

The Ryzer Mindset Training courses target athletes aged 13-22, with a focus on those who aim to maximize their athletic potential. Individuals outside the targeted age range may find the courses useful, as they not only boost athletes' performance but also instill valuable skills applicable to various aspects of life.

When can I access course materials and for how long?

After buying a course, you will get immediate access to it. If you've purchased multiple courses or a boot camp, you can decide which course to begin with, but you need to complete one course before starting another. After purchasing a course, you will always have access to the course materials. This means that you can revisit the course videos and materials anytime you want, even after completing the course.

What devices can I complete my courses on?

Ryzer Mindset Training can be accessed on a variety of electronic devices. While a laptop or desktop is recommended, courses can also be accessed through a web browser on most smartphones and tablets.

How do I receive my certificate of completion?

After completing the course, you will be directed to a screen where you can view your certificate. You can access your certificate at any time by visiting your Ryzer Profile.

Can I authorize multiple users to access a course I've purchased?

To access Ryzer Mindset Training courses, every individual needs to purchase their own courses. The Ryzer profile selected during purchase will be the only profile granted access to the course. Completed certifications and active enrollment status will only be granted to the profiles of the individuals who have purchased the course.

Who created the Ryzer Mindset Training curriculum and courses?

Rob Pike

Rob Pike

Course Instructor & Course Creator

Rob is a co-founder of Ryzer Mindset. Rob started his career as a practicing lawyer and transitioned into technology. As a former college athlete, Rob saw the opportunity in combining technology with Dr. Troutwine's TAP assessment to create a system to help athletes, coaches, and their teams with the critically important mental side of sports. Since then, Rob has worked as a consultant with hundreds of college and pro teams on the selection and development of athletes - helping his client teams win championships in the NFL, MLB, NCAA and more.

Dr. Troutwine

Dr. Robert Troutwine

Course Creator

Robert Troutwine, Ph.D. is a co-founder of Ryzer Mindset and is a licensed Psychologist. Dr. Troutwine combines sound research with applied psychology to offer clients a variety of services centered on assessment and performance. His client base includes such well known names as the New England Patriots, Kansas City Royals, Ford Motor Company, and the US Navy SEALs.

Can I get a refund if I am not satisfied with the courses?

We are confident that you'll find Ryzer Mindset Training valuable. However, if upon course/boot camp completion you don't feel the training helped improve your athlete's mental game, simply request a refund by contacting us at customerservice@ryzer.com. We will email you a short 8-question form to help us better understand how we can improve our courses for other athletes. Complete the form within 60 days of course/boot camp completion and we will issue you a full refund. That's our guarantee to you for trusting Ryzer in your athlete's development.