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Coachability Boot Camp

Athletes and parents spend countless hours and money looking for the perfect coach, but finding the perfect coach means nothing if an athlete is not "coachable". During the boot camp, you'll learn how to become more "coachable". This involves taking courses in Growth Mindset, Attention to Detail, and Conventionality, which are important qualities that will help you use your coach's advice to improve your game.

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Mental Toughness Boot Camp icon

Mental Toughness Boot Camp

It's no secret that the world of sports is hard and if an athlete is not mentally tough, they'll never make it. In this boot camp you will receive access to a course on Mental Toughness as well as courses in Confidence, Motivation, Grit and Composure. Athletes will utilize these traits to become mentally tough and gain the ability to persist when faced with the reality of the sports world.

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Mental Toughness Shield

Managing Your Thoughts: The Foundation of Athlete Mental Toughness

Learn fundamental Mental Toughness skills, including techniques for managing your thoughts and effectively responding to challenging situations. Customize your Mental Toughness exercise, designed to be used before competition, to prepare yourself for peak performance.

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Coachability Shield

The 10 Attributes of Athletes That Coaches Look For

Discover and evaluate your abilities on the 10 attributes that coaches prioritize in their athletes.

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Confidence Shield

Improving Athlete Confidence Through Self-Talk

Learn how to utilize "Positive Self-Talk" and "Instructional Self-Talk" to enhance your confidence, as well as an advanced technique to combat negative thinking and improve your athletic performance

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Motivation Shield

Motivation & OPP Goal Reaching Process for Athletes

Learn the rigorous OPP Goal Reaching process to set and achieve your goals. Understand key motivators for athletes and formulate your own unique "Motivational Why."

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Grit Shield

Developing & Growing Grit for Athletes

Acquire advanced concepts and techniques to develop and strengthen your Grit. Strengthening your Grit allow you to use it across various aspects of your life, leading to long-term successes.

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Composure Shield

Athlete Management of Composure & Emotions in Sports

Discover the significance of emotional composure in sports and learn tactics to sustain your composure and reach your optimal performance level in athletics.

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Growth Mindset Shield

Adopting a Growth Mindset for Athlete Success

Learn how to cultivate and utilize a Growth Mindset to enhance your performance in sports, academics, and everyday life.

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Attention to Detail Shield

The Power of Habits for Athletes

Learn a proven process to create new empowering habits or get rid of bad ones and put them into practice with the "Champions Time" punctuality habit.

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Conventionality Shield

How Rules Can Help or Hurt Athletes

Learn about how rules can affect you positively or negatively, depending on your mindset.

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Control the Controllables Shield

Control the Controllables - Free Elite Mindset Training Mini-Course for Athletes

Discover the significance of managing controllable factors in sports for athletes with our complimentary mini-course. Gain insight into the technique employed by the US Navy SEALs to Control the Controllables in uncomfortable situations. Additionally, you will learn a pre-competition exercise that can assist you in identifying the essential controllables to concentrate on and help enhance your performance.

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