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College coaches stress the importance of developing a strong mental game. Yet most young athletes disregard mindset training and focus solely on developing physical skills. Why?

The reality is that most athletes don't have access to mindset coaches or effective training tools. And this is exactly why Ryzer Mindset was created - to provide affordable, easy-to-use tools for athletes and teams to gain a mental edge.

9 of 10 College Coaches consider mental game when looking for recruits

Based on a 2022 survey of 300+ College Coaches using Ryzer


Today's generation of athletes might be the most athletic and technically trained ever - but mentally, they are struggling and that causes them to underachieve athletically. Two independent trends among elite athletes illustrate this:

Mental Toughness is down 12%

Mental Toughness scoring among NFL prospects is down 12% over the last decade.

Confidence is down 11%

Confidence scoring on the TAP is down 11% across athletes of all levels in the last 5 years.

TAP score is down

The TAP Can Help

Athlete Trait Analysis

The Troutwine Athletic Profile (the "TAP") is a 20-minute online assessment that scores an athlete on 13 traits tied to athletic success to establish an athlete's current mindset baseline.

Coachability Shield Coachability
Growth Mindset Shield Growth Mindset
Attention to Detail Shield Attention to Detail
Conventionality Shield Conventio­nality
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Mental Toughness Shield Mental Toughness
Grit Shield Grit
Composure Shield Composure
Confidence Shield Confidence
Motivational Drive Shield Motivatio­nal Drive
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Mental Execution Shield Mental Execution
Focus Speed Shield Focus Speed
Decisiveness Shield Decisiveness
Adaptability Shield Adaptability
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Our system then runs comparative analytics to categorize the traits for development prioritization and planning.



Development Need

Novice when compared to peers.



Development Opportunity

Competitive with peers.



Hone Strength

Elite when compared to peers.

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I just read my daughter's TAP report and found it spot on. The traits mentioned in each category are on point and described her to a T. Thanks for this test, it has opened our eyes to strengths and weaknesses.

- Phil RuhlChino Hills, CA

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Sports Psychologist Analysis

The TAP reports leverage Dr. Troutwine's treasure trove of experience when providing his thorough analysis and personalized suggestions to help athletes improve their athletic performance and well-being.

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The TAP has been used by Elite teams for 40 years

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Contributed to dozens of championships at Elite level

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Average cost for a sports psychologist analysis

Analysis Topics

Athlete Report

  • Competitive Nature
  • Mental Characteristics
  • Problem Solving
  • Coping Style
  • Social Style
  • Work Style

Parent Report

  • Motivation & Interests
  • Performance
  • Mental Characteristics
  • Personal Nature
  • Relationships
  • Practice Habits
Dr. Troutwine

Dr. Robert Troutwine

Creator of Troutwine Athletic Profile (TAP)
Pro Sports Psychologist
Co-Founder of Ryzer Mindset

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My daughter took the TAP and it was an eye opener for her. It helped her better understand her strengths and weaknesses and gave her a clear path to improve. She's already seen positive results from following the recommendations in the report, and she's excited to add mindset training to her regimen.

- Matt BaehrBradenton, FL

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Special Report For Parents

Most parents want the best for their children. It's natural for us to try to help them navigate the ups and downs of athletics. Even with the best of intentions, sometimes parents make things worse.

The custom TAP Report for Parent helps parents know just what to say and do in the most important topics and situations that arise in athletics.

This report guides the parent to help the athlete reach full potential but it can also help smooth out and improve the parent/child relationship.

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Parent and child golfing together

Unleash Athletic Potential

Our products create a foundation for essential mental traits crucial to athletic success, guiding athletes to enhance their skills to maximize potential.

Premium TAP Report

Insight for parents/mentors to best support, guide, and develop the athlete.

$69.95 USD

Included Features:

Complete scoring of all 13 performance traits.

Customized guidance to enhance performance during competition.

Expert commentary on motivating the athlete.

Personalized suggestions on developing effective practice habits.

Tailored strategies for improving parent-athlete communication.

Includes tailored reports for both the parent/mentor and the athlete.

Available for Athletes Ages 13+

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Ryzer Mindset Training

Engaging video courses to help athletes thrive!

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Included Features:

Real strategies athletes can use to become confident and resilient.

Courses designed to grow motivation, mental toughness, focus speed, and composure.

Courses feature inspirational stories told by elite college athletes to spark action and growth.

Includes worksheets and other takeaways to form long-lasting performance habits.

Available for Athletes Ages 13+

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Looking for options for your team? Unlock the power of the TAP for your whole team.

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The TAP is a proprietary survey that measures the traits recognized to impact athletic performance. The TAP does not measure one's clinical/medical personality, cannot make a psychological nor medical diagnosis, and is not governed by the health insurance portability and accountability act (HIPAA).