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Ryzer Privacy Policy

Last Updated: 09/14/2023
Effective Date of Last Update: 09/14/2023

Summary of the most recent update: We updated the “How We Use Your Personal Data” section to provider greater detail into the third-parties we utilize to provide our Services to you.

This Privacy Policy applies when you use our Services detailed below. We offer you choices about the data we collect, use and share as described in this Privacy Policy.


Us and Our Services

We are Ryzer, LLC headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa. You probably know us by one of our trade names or products — we are most recognized for Ryzer Events and Ryzer Alerts. This Privacy Policy applies to Ryzer, LLC.  In this Privacy Policy we may refer to our company as any of the following: "Ryzer", "Ryzer Events", "us", "we", or "our".

Ryzer Mindset, LLC (“Mindset”) offers an end-to-end online system for helping athletes and teams succeed mentally at every level.  Mindset is majority-owned by Ryzer, LLC, but is a separate company and has its own terms and privacy policy which govern its usage. By accessing or using Ryzer Mindset, you agree to Mindset’s Terms of Use & Privacy Policy, in addition to all the other terms of this Contract.

This Privacy Policy details our current information gathering and sharing practices for and/or with Ryzer.com, the Ryzer Go app, as well as all other affiliated sites, digital services, widgets or mobile applications on which an authorized link to this Privacy Policy appears (collectively, the “Services”).


You are — well, you. Additionally, you may be the person registering for or participating in an event offered through our Services. Or, you may be the parent, legal guardian or representative (e.g. coach, teacher) of an individual interested in an event. In this Privacy Policy we may refer to you as "you" or "your". We may also refer to you, your dependent, or the individual you represent as the "Registrant", "Consumer", "Participant", “Athlete”, or "User".

Event Organizers and Coaches

The event creators and directors using the Services for their events are referred to in this Privacy Policy as "Event Organizers". Coaches and evaluators who utilize the Ryzer Connect ("Connect") Services to discover and evaluate Athletes are referred to as “Coaches” or “Recruiters”.


This Privacy Policy is important to us and should be equally important to you. Please read it thoroughly as it details how we handle information that can be associated with or which relates to a person and/or could be used to identify a person ("Personal Data").

Any information that does not relate to a person and/or cannot be used to identify a person is referred to as "Non-Personal Data" in this Privacy Policy. When you use or interact with our Services, we may collect Non-Personal Data. The limitations and requirements in this Privacy Policy related to our collection, use, disclosure, transfer, storage, and retention of Personal Data do not apply to Non-Personal Data.


We are continually improving our websites and other digital properties by adding new features and products. Because of these enhancements and changes in the law, we may modify this Privacy Policy. If we make material changes to it, we will provide at least 15 days' notice through our Services, or by other means such as email, to provide you the opportunity to review the changes before they become effective. Modifications to this Privacy Policy will be posted at the top of this page designated by the "Last Updated" and "Effective Date of Last Update". If you object to any changes, you may cease using the Services and/or close your account by emailing customerservice@ryzer.com.

You acknowledge that your continued use of our Services after we publish or send a notice about our changes to this Privacy Policy means that the collection, use and sharing of your Personal Data is subject to the updated Privacy Policy.


When you use or interact with our Services, we may collect Personal Data from you. The Personal Data we collect from you allows you to use our Services, register for events, camps, classes, reservations, donations, transactions, sales, and/or activities (collectively, "Events"). Sometimes we collect your Personal Data on our own behalf. Other times your Personal Data is collected on behalf of an Event Organizer using our Services to run an event.

From You About You

Data You Provide Us - We collect Personal Data when you voluntarily provide such information to our Services, such as when you create an account, build a resume or profile, contact us, or use or browse certain parts of our Services. The Personal Data we collect includes without limitation your name, address, email address, phone number, gender identity, date of birth, school, and similar information about yourself which enables you to be personally identified.

Technical Data — When you use our Services, we automatically collect data that is sent to us from your device and/or browser ("Technical Data"). Information about your device and/or browser, your actions on our Services, and data collected via cookies, pixel tags and other similar technologies are all examples of Technical Data we collect from you.

From Your Representative About You

Data Provided to Us on Your Behalf by Your Representative — Your representative, including your parent, legal guardian, Coach or teacher, may provide us with your Personal Data by registering you for an Event or using our other Services.

From Registrants About You

Information provided during event or account registration - We collect information about Participants on behalf of Event Organizers for events upon which a Participant is being registered. We act as an agent in collecting information from the Registrant for the Event Organizer and produce a variety of reports and notifications for the Event Organizer about Participants. The Event Organizer can collect additional information from Registrants in connection with a registration. We do not dictate the Personal Data or Non-Personal Data an Event Organizer collects. Personal Data collected on behalf of Event Organizers is provided to the Event Organizer of the event as detailed in the "HOW WE SHARE YOUR PERSONAL DATA" section below.

Furthermore, if you register for a paid event, we will collect financial information to process your registration (e.g. credit card number). Some of the financial information you provide may include Personal Data.

From Event Organizers About You

Personal Data may be obtained from Event Organizers including physical attributes (e.g. your height) or physical testing results (e.g. your 40-yard dash time) or other achievements (“Ryzer Verified Data”). 

From Other Third Parties About You

Personal Data may also be obtained from other Users, our software and payment processing partners and/or other third parties.

From Event Organizers About Event Organizers

Information Event Organizers provide to us — To use our Services for your Events, we may collect your Personal Data to verify your identity (e.g. copies of your driver's license or utility bill), secure or make payments (e.g. your address and/or bank account information), and facilitate information required by government officials (e.g. your tax identification number).

Technical Data — When you use our Services, we automatically collect data that is sent to us from your device and/or browser ("Technical Data"). Information about your device and/or browser, your actions on our Services, and data collected via cookies, pixel tags and other similar technologies are all examples of Technical Data we collect from you.

From Other Third Parties About Event Organizers

Data provided to us by third parties — Personal Data may also be obtained from credit reporting agencies, our payment processing partners, and/or other third parties and websites.


We use the Personal Data we collect in a manner that is consistent with this Privacy Policy. We may use the Personal Data as follows:

To provide our Services to you - Our Services help you find, register, and participate in Events. Also, when you choose, we help you share your interests and accomplishments with event organizers, coaches, and the public. We use your Personal Data to authorize and facilitate access to our Services.

To communicate with you about your use of our Services - We may contact you to inform you of important information related to our Services. Additionally, we enable Event Organizers for Events in which you have registered to contact you. For certain types of communication, we offer settings/unsubscribe abilities that allow you to control the communications you receive from us and Event Organizers.

To provide Services at the request of the Event Organizers - We serve as a conduit between you and the Event Organizer. As such, we use your Personal Data to provide our Services to Event Organizers of the Event in which you have registered.

To administer Events - We share your Personal Data when you register for an Event with the Event Organizer for their Event management purposes.

To fulfill your purchases or interests in third-party services – When you use our Services you may be given the option to receive free or paid services from our third-party partners (e.g. registration insurance, recruiting profile) or our majority-owned subsidiary, Mindset. If you opt-in to any of these offerings, your Personal Data will be shared with the specific third-party or subsidiary to fulfill your request.

For Marketing – We serve you recommended Events (“Ryzer Alerts”) based on your demographics and interests via email and/or text message (SMS). You have the option to opt-out of receiving these recommendations in the Settings section of Ryzer and/or blocking Events hosted by specific Event Organizers. Additionally, we will show you advertisements based on your demographics, interests, and past activities.

For internal business purposes including:

Aggregate Insights — To produce and share aggregated insights that do not identify you (e.g. to generate combined statistics about our Users, their demographics, and interests).

Research and Development — We use Personal Data, including feedback you may provide us and your interactions with our Services, for research and development to further enhance our Services.

Security and Investigations — We use Personal Data if we believe it is necessary for security purposes including investigating possible fraud and/or other violations of our Terms of Use.

Other Internal Business Purposes — We may use your Personal Data and/or Non-Personal Data for other business purposes consistent with this Privacy Policy. If we intend to use your Personal Data in any manner that is not consistent with this Privacy Policy, you will be informed prior to or at the time your Personal Data is collected or we will obtain your consent subsequent to such collection but prior to use.


There are certain circumstances in which we may disclose, transfer or share your Personal Data with certain third parties without further notice to you. These circumstances are described below:

Event Organizers - When you register for an Event, make a purchase, or otherwise use our Services that are fulfilled by third-party Event Organizers, you consent to our providing your Personal Data to the Event Organizers of such event. These Event Organizers are not bound to protect your Personal Data in accordance with this Privacy Policy. It is important that you review the information collection and protection policies of the Event Organizers of an event prior to providing Personal Data in connection with that event or related fundraising campaign. You agree that we are not responsible for the actions of these Event Organizers with respect to your Personal Data.  

Ryzer Connect – Connect’s Services include, online resumes, search functions, and leaderboards to help you inform Coaches, Recruiters, and other Users of your interests and abilities.

When you opt-in to Connect, we share your physical, performance, Ryzer Mindset assessment, and other Personal Data on our public resumes and leaderboards.

For Events that involve the collection of Ryzer Verified Data from Participants, the Event Organizer may choose to provide you with an electronic event scorecard of your results and, if any of your results qualify, you may appear on a Recruit leaderboard. To be removed from a leaderboard, please Contact Us.

When you attend an Event that collects Ryzer Verified Data, we may publicly display a subset of your Personal Data including your first and last name, school, age, graduation year, physical attributes, and performance metrics. Additionally, your achievements, including your Ryzer Verified Data may be published on Internet sites and/or social media platforms (e.g., a "shout out" that you appear on a certain leaderboard). You can update your profile sharing options from within the Profile & Notification Settings section of Ryzer. To be removed from a leaderboard, please Contact Us.

Service Providers and Partners - We may engage third-party companies or individuals as service providers to help support our business. Information about the subprocessors we use to support our Services can be found in our Subprocessor Policy. Similarly, we may establish system integrations with third-party partners offering complimentary services to ours in order to allow you or Event Organizers to share your Personal Data across multiple systems (such as recruiting, compliance, evaluation, and insurance systems). These third parties have limited access to your Personal Data to perform these tasks on our behalf, your behalf, or the behalf of Event Organizers and are obligated to us not to disclose or use it for other purposes. In the instance where you specifically request us to send your Personal Data to a third-party by opting-in to an offer presented during the registration process, you acknowledge that Ryzer and Event Organizers are not a party to any transaction between you and any third-party. The fact that we introduced or facilitated your relationship with the third-party is not an endorsement or sponsorship by us or Event Organizers of the third-party.

Business Transfers and Affiliates - As our business evolves, we may buy or sell businesses or other assets. In the event of a corporate sale, merger, dissolution, bankruptcy, reorganization, or similar event, your Personal Data may be part of the transferred assets. You acknowledge and agree that any successor to or acquirer of Ryzer or its assets will have the right to continue to use the Personal Data and other information you provide to us in the manner set out in this Privacy Policy. We may also disclose your Personal Data to our corporate affiliates (including Ryzer Mindset) in order to help provide, understand, and improve our Services and our affiliates' services. If we do so, our corporate affiliates and subsidiaries use and disclosure of your Personal Data will be subject to this Privacy Policy.

External Tools from Third Parties - We have integrated various tools from different companies with our Services which allow us to analyze user behavior or establish links with our other Services. For this purpose, we work with the following service providers:

Facebook Login & Tracking Pixel
You may elect to utilize Facebook Login to create your Ryzer account and to login to Ryzer. If you decide to connect your Ryzer account with Facebook, we request permission from Facebook to access and store your email address, Facebook ID, and similar Personal Data needed to provide you with our Services.

With your consent we will use Facebook's "tracking pixel". The Facebook tracking pixel is a piece of code that allows our Services to collect Non-Personal Data that helps you track ad conversions, optimize ads, build targeted audiences, and remarket to people who have already taken some kind of action using our Services. The data is recorded in an anonymous way, meaning we do not see the Personal Data of the individual users. The data is however stored and processed by Facebook. Facebook may link the data with the Facebook account and use the data for its own purposes according to its own data use guidelines. If you prefer to deactivate the cookie storage on behalf of Facebook, you may do so by adjusting your browser settings accordingly.

You can view Facebook’s privacy policy at: https://www.facebook.com/privacy/policy/.

Meta Platforms, Inc. located at 1601 Willow Road, Menlo Park, CA 94025, USA is the owner of Facebook.

We may use widgets and additional components of the service provider Twitter on our event websites and other Services. Twitter is a service offered by Twitter Inc.

Whenever you access our Services featuring this component, the component causes your browser to download the respective version of Twitter's component. This process also informs Twitter which portion of our Services is currently being utilized.

We have no control over the data collected by Twitter in this process or over the range of the data collected by Twitter. Additional information about this issue can be found in Twitter's privacy policy under https://twitter.com/en/privacy.

You may change your privacy settings in account settings under https://twitter.com/account/settings.

Twitter is a service offered by Twitter Inc., 795 Folsom St., Suite 600, San Francisco, CA 94107, USA.

We use the Snapchat service Snap Pixel and the Snapchat Custom Audiences product from Snap Inc. in our Services to optimize our advertising.

Snap Pixel uses cookies. If you have a Snapchat user account, the Snapchat Pixel in our Services detects this and transmits the collected usage data to Snapchat for analysis and marketing purposes. You can review and/or deactivate the collection, processing, and use of this data by Snapchat directly in the Snapchat app. The Snapchat Pixel is a JavaScript code which transmits HTTP header, orders placed, registrations, products viewed, shopping cart, and related data to Snapchat.

If you wish to object to the use of the Snapchat Pixel, you may opt out in the Snapchat app or deactivate JavaScript in your browser. For more information and to find out how to prevent your data from being used for advertising purposes, please refer to Snapchat’s guidelines regarding advertising preferences, which can be found at https://support.snapchat.com/en-US/a/advertising-preferences. To view Snap Inc.’s privacy policy, please visit https://www.snap.com/en-US/privacy/privacy-policy.

Snap Inc., is located at 2772 Donald Douglas Loop North, Santa Monica, CA 90405, USA.

The functionality offered by Glassbox Ltd. (Glassbox) is deployed on our Services. Glassbox is a digital experience intelligence company (ISO 22701 & SOC 2 certified). We use Glassbox’s Data Analytics to gather information on system performance, usage and error management to build the best user experience possible. Website data is collected through Cookies and transmitted to Glassbox for this purpose. If you do not wish to share your data you may adjust your cookies settings in your browser at any time.

For more information about security and privacy of Glassbox’s platform, please visit: Tagless Data Capture - Glassbox

Glassbox LTD is located at 42 Broadway Suite 12-530, New York, NY 10004

Aggregate and Anonymized Information - We may share aggregate and anonymized information with third parties for marketing, advertising, research or similar purposes.

Compliance with Legal Process - It is possible that we may need to disclose Personal Data or information about your activities that we collect from you in order to comply with the law, a judicial proceeding, court order or other legal process such as in response to a subpoena, whether in the United States or other jurisdictions, or if we have a good faith belief that disclosure is reasonably necessary to comply with a legal obligation, protect or defend our rights or property (or that of third parties), prevent or investigate possible wrongdoing in connection with the Services, or to protect against legal liability.


Data Retention — In order to provide our Services to you and the Event Organizers of Events in which you've registered or have shown interest in attending, we retain your Personal Data until you request us to delete it.

Your rights to Access and Control your Personal Data — We offer you a variety of ways to control how your Personal Data is collected, used, shared, stored, updated, and corrected. Your choices are as follows:

If you wish to make a request related to the retention, use, or access of your Personal Data, you may contact us using the contact information below and we will consider your request in accordance with applicable laws. Such requests must include a copy of your driver's license or other government issued form of identification to confirm your identity.

Account Closure — If you close your Ryzer or Ryzer Events account, we may still retain your Personal Data as reasonably necessary to comply with our legal obligations, meet regulatory requirements, prevent fraud, resolve disputes, maintain security, enforce our User Agreement, fulfill our Services to Event Organizers (e.g. satisfy archival requirements for past Event reconciliation and reporting), or fulfill your request to "unsubscribe" from further messages originated through our Services by us or Event Organizers. Additionally, we will retain your Non-Personal Data after your account has been closed.


If you use our Services from outside the United States, be advised that you are sending information, which may include Personal Data, to our servers in the United States. The information you provide may then be transferred within the United States or back out of the United States to other countries outside of your country of residence. These countries may not have data protection and privacy laws as protective as those in your country of residence. Our collection, storage and use of your Personal Data will be governed by this Privacy Policy.

For residents of EEA, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. The EU General Data Protection Regulation ("GDPR") requires us and Event Organizers using our Services to provide you with additional information about the processing of their Personal Data. The legal grounds for us processing your Personal Data typically include at least one of the following:

EU data protection law makes a distinction between organizations that process Personal Data for their own purposes ("Data Controllers") and organizations that process Personal Data on behalf of other organizations ("Data Processors"). We may act as either a Data Controller or a Data Processor in respect of your Personal Data, depending on the circumstances. If you have a question or complaint about how your Personal Data is handled, these should be directed to the relevant Data Controller since they are the ones with primary responsibility for your Personal Data.

If you have a question or complaint regarding how we handle your Personal Data, please submit your request using this Data Rights Requests Form or send an email to privacy@ryzer.com. If you are not satisfied with how we have attempted to resolve your complaint, you may contact the relevant data protection authority including filing a complaint with your country’s Protection Commissioner.


Residents of California have the right to:

To make such a request, please send an email to privacy@ryzer.com.

To opt out of having your personal information shared with or sold to certain third parties, you may also submit your request using this CCPA Request Form.


Our site may contain links to other sites on the Internet that are not under our control. Ryzer is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of such websites. See our Terms of Use.


A cookie is a small file placed onto your device that enables features and functionality for our Services. As described in the Terms of Use, we use cookies on our sites (e.g. Ryzer.com and our Event Organizer sites) and mobile applications. and mobile applications. Any browser visiting these sites will receive cookies from us.

We use two types of cookies - persistent cookies and session cookies. A persistent cookie helps us recognize you as an existing user of our Services, so it is easier to interact with our Services without needing to sign in again. Session cookies only last for as long as the session (typically this means the cookie lasts as long as your current visit/use of our Services or browser session). Cookies can be used to recognize you when you use our Services, remember your preferences, and give you a personalized experience. Cookies also make your interactions with our Services faster and more secure.

Most browsers allow you to control cookies through their settings preferences. However, if you limit the ability of our Services to set cookies, you may worsen your overall user experience of our Services, since it will no longer be personalized to you. It may also prohibit you from registering for Events.


Our websites and other digital properties have security measures in place designed to protect the loss, misuse and alteration of the Personal Data under our control. We have taken numerous steps to promote the confidentiality, accuracy and security of your payment information, including using Secure Sockets Layers (SSL) encryption when credit card information is exchanged between your web browser and our Services.

We strive to maintain the reliability, accuracy, and completeness of personal data in our databases and to protect the privacy and security of our databases. However, since the Internet is not a 100% secure environment, we cannot ensure or warrant the security of any information that you transmit to us. There is no guarantee that information may not be accessed, disclosed, altered, or destroyed by breach of any of our physical, technical, or managerial safeguards.


We do not knowingly collect Personal Data from children under the age of thirteen (13). Please do not submit your Personal Data through our Services if you are under the age of thirteen (13).

We encourage parents and legal guardians to monitor their children's Internet usage and to help enforce our Privacy Policy by instructing their children never to provide Personal Data through our Services without their permission. If you believe a child under the age of thirteen (13) has provided Personal Data to us through our Services, please contact us.

It is important to understand we may collect, store, and/or share Personal Data of a child under the age of thirteen (13) if the Personal Data was provided by an adult (e.g. the child's parent, legal guardian or representative in order to register the child for an event or build a non-public profile to find events for the child). Public profiles are only available to Users thirteen (13) and older.


We encourage you to contact us if you have questions or concerns regarding this Privacy Policy, our practices and procedures related to your Personal Data, or your dealings with our Services:

Web: https://ryzer.com/help/ 

Email: customerservice@ryzer.com 

Phone: 515-598-9540

Fax: 515-724-7472

Postal Mail: Ryzer, PO Box 3868, Urbandale, Iowa 50323