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Used by the pros for decades, now available for college and high school teams

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Why Mindset

If you are a coach that values the mental game, Ryzer Mindset was built for you.

Better Recruiting

Recruit players that fit with your program and have a higher propensity to succeed.

Better Coaching

More effectively coach each player based upon their unique mental makeup.

Better Development

Systematically develop each player to reach their full potential through targeted mindset training.

Mindset for coaches
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As Featured In

"Far different than the more well-known Wonderlic test - which includes verbal and math questions you might expect to find on the SAT or ACT - the TAP bills itself as an "athletic mindset assessment." Its goal? To measure intangibles like mental toughness, coachability and composure."

by PHIL PERRY See article and hear interview w/ Dr. Troutwine, creator of the TAP

Today's Athletes are Different

Today's generation of athletes might be the most athletic and technically trained ever -- but mentally, they are regressing and harder to coach.

Mentally strong athletes are now harder to find than ever before.

Mindset Mental Toughness Scoring Chart Source: TAP Results from 4,797 prospective players tested by NFL teams from 2012-2020

Mental "Intangibles" are less visible

College coaches are good at evaluating physical talent, but what about the mental game?

Mental Tangibles and Intangibles

The critically important "Intangibles" lurk below the surface and are not part of the ordinary evaluation of an athlete, not because they are not important, but because there hasn't been a practical way to do so... until now.

TAP Test on Phone Troutwine Athletic Profile (TAP)

The TAP Measures Mental "Intangibles"

To aid with evaluation, coaching, and holistic development of athletes

  • 100 questions, 25 minutes
  • Purpose-built for Athletics
  • Measurements include Mental Toughness, Confidence, Coachability, and more

"The secret to coaching an athlete effectively is knowing what's in their head and heart. The TAP was designed to tell you exactly that."

Dr. Robert Troutwine
Creator of the TAP
Pro Sports Psychologist
Co-Founder of Ryzer Mindset

Used By

Over 250,000 athletes have taken the TAP to date making it the largest athlete mindset database on the planet representing:

  • 10 Pro leagues
    including NFL®, MLB®, NHL®, NBA®, MLS®, PLL®, WPLL®, NPF®, and more
  • 2,000+ Colleges
  • 5,000+ High Schools

"I can tell you from my experience, it's very accurate."

Bill Belichick
Head Coach, New England Patriots
6x Super Bowl Champion
TAP User Since 1991

How it Works: Recruiting

Traits Scoring
Color-coded reporting makes it easy to see if the recruit is mentally ready to compete at the college level. The evaluation includes scoring on the 12 TAP performance traits, 5 evaluative traits, plus a simple yet powerful overall TAP score.

Built-in Analytics
The system automatically compares TAP results of recruits to your current and former players providing invaluable pre-offer analytics. Included is a fit analysis score between a recruit and your program based upon your custom input player preferences. Also included is a stack-ranked list of the matched players and alumni from your program that have the most similar mental makeup to the recruit.

Interaction Guidance
Learn the hot buttons for interacting with and persuading the recruit based upon the recruit's matched athlete type.

How recruiting works

Ryzer Mindset offers the ability for college teams to search Ryzer's vast database of prospective student athletes (PSAs) and access their complete TAP results. For PSAs not yet in our database, college teams can anonymously nominate athletes to take the TAP at no cost.

NCAA Division I football and/or basketball coaches (as well as all other sports) are permitted to subscribe to this recruiting/scouting service. For more information, visit ncaa.org/enforcement/basketball-certification/scouting-services.

Benefits of using Ryzer Mindset for Recruiting

Reduce Mistakes
Understanding a prospective recruit's mental makeup before making an offer reduces risk and eliminates surprises

Target Recruits that Fit
Built-in analytics steer you towards recruits that fit your program and coaching style

Identify High Performers
The TAP identifies recruits that have the requisite mental makeup to compete and excel at the collegiate level

Win More
Early adopters in the NFL® that used the TAP to help make draft picks had a .700 winning percentage from 2000-2009. College sports teams have that same opportunity today.

"After getting to know the TAP and the valuable information it provides on a player's mental makeup, our evaluation process will absolutely include the recruit's TAP results and it will be required before making an offer." NCAA Power-5 Conference Head Softball Coach

How it Works: Coaching

Team Analysis
Learn how your team stacks up mentally compared to your peers. Identify your team's mental strengths and topics needing improvement for maximum gains. Understand team chemistry and potential gaps among the different athlete types.

Athlete-Centric Guidance
Receive reports on each player's mental makeup and how to most effectively coach them. See player stack-rankings on an array of important mental traits to aid with personnel decisions.

How it works for coaches
"Eventually a player's mental makeup shows up. You can see it before it happens in their TAP report. I think that is very valuable." NCAA Power-5 Conference Head Baseball Coach

How it Works: Develop

Team Chemistry
Learn new insights of your team's chemistry including strengths, weaknesses, and the athlete types of the players that makeup of the team. A compatibility guide helps with player-to-player interactions, forming groups, as well as selecting workout partners and roommates for travel.

Mindset Training
Self awareness is the first step to improvement. Our athlete-facing TAP reports provide your players with important self-awareness and comparisons to peer benchmarks. Sports psychologist commentary provides personal insights and custom suggestions to improve.

Integrated mindset training teaches athletes about the 12 TAP performance traits plus model thinking and behaviors of elite athletes. The online content further includes videos, articles, podcasts, and drills (presentations and worksheets) that can be done individually or in an instructor-led group setting.

How it works for developing
"What I love most is that the TAP not only gives our athletes insight about themselves and their teammates, it also helps them grow in their mental game through the integrated mindset training. It provides invaluable 24/7 access to self-improvement." NCAA Division 1 Women's Soccer Coach
Improving confidence

Mindset Training

Integrated online training content is available 24/7 to help your players improve their mental games.

Does it work? After 6 months of mindset training, a pilot group of high school athletes showed a 37% improvement in their overall TAP scoring!