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Gain a Mental Edge with
Ryzer Mindset

Used by the pros for decades, now available for college and high school teams.

How Important is

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9 out of 10 coaches consider mental game when recruiting

HUGE. 88% of college coaches say they prioritize a recruit's mental game. Yet, most coaches spend little or no time working on this with their team. Why is that?

The reality is that most teams do not have easy access to quality mindset coaches or tools.

And that is exactly why Ryzer Mindset was created - to provide affordable, easy-to-use tools for athletes, coaches, and teams to gain a mental edge.

*Based on a 2022 survey of 300+ College Coaches using Ryzer.

Ryzer Mindset for college teams

Includes everything a college coach needs to give their program a Mental Edge

How it works How it works
TAP test on a mobile device Troutwine Athletic Profile (TAP)
100 questions, 25 minutes


  • The Troutwine Athletic Profile (TAP) is the global-leading athletic mindset assessment that aids with the recruitment, coaching and development of athletes.
  • The TAP measures the traits important to athletic success and is the basis for an array of reporting & training content for athletes and coaches.
  • The TAP has a 4-decade track record of success in pro sports and was predictively validated in a 2-year project with the US Navy SEALs.

How it works: Recruiting

Our system uses predictive analytics to help coaches identify recruits that fit their team to boost team cohesion and reduce transfers. Plus more!

Graphic of athlete silhouettes marked by red, green, or gray by their fit to the team
"The secret to coaching an athlete effectively is knowing what's in their head and heart. The TAP was designed to tell you exactly that."
Dr. Robert Troutwine
Creator of the TAP
Pro Sports Psychologist, Co-Founder of Ryzer Mindset

How it works: Coaching

Our Coaching Report provides guidance & tactics to help you more effectively coach each of your athletes by using key components below and more!

Athlete silhouette showing their coaching indicators as icons

Coaching Indicators

Instructions to aid in the effective coaching of athletes on 6 important topics including Coaching Style, Instruction Method(s), Motivated By, Pressure Performer, Mental Endurance, and After Setbacks.

Athlete silhouette showing their fit in two different groups

Compatibility Pairing

Analyzes athlete-to-athlete compatibility to help you form pairings such as workout partners, roommates for travel, recruiting hosts or other athlete groupings.

Screenshot of available mindset reports

Team Reporting

Learn new insights of your team's chemistry including strengths, weaknesses, and the AthleteTypes of the players that make up the team. This reporting also provides insights to help you make better personnel decisions such as choosing team captains, individual readiness to perform under pressure and more.

Sports Psychologist Analysis

The TAP reports leverage Dr. Troutwine's treasure trove of experience when providing his thorough analysis and personalized suggestions to help athletes improve their athletic performance and well-being.

Dr. Troutwine
Dr. Robert Troutwine
Creator of Troutwine Athletic Profile (TAP)
Pro Sports Psychologist
Co-Founder Ryzer Mindset
Timeline icon
The TAP has been used by Elite teams for 40 years
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Contributed to dozens of championships at Elite level
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Average cost for a sports psychologist analysis
Dr. Troutwine
Dr. Robert Troutwine
Creator of Troutwine Athletic Profile (TAP)
Pro Sports Psychologist
Co-Founder Ryzer Mindset
Analysis Topics
Athlete Report
Small blue arrow Competitive Nature Small blue arrow Mental Characteristics Small blue arrow Problem Solving Small blue arrow Coping Style Small blue arrow Social Style Small blue arrow Work Style
Coaching Report
Small blue arrow Motivation & Interests Small blue arrow Performance Small blue arrow Mental Characteristics Small blue arrow Personal Nature Small blue arrow Relationships Small blue arrow Practice Habits
"Eventually a player's mental makeup shows up. You can see it before it happens in their TAP report. I think that is very valuable."
NCAA Power-5 Conference Head Baseball Coach

How it Works: Develop your athletes

Our TAP Report for Athlete provides critical self-awareness and pointed guidance to help athletes improve and develop their mental game. Topical mindset training content is conveniently integrated into athlete reporting.

The TAP scores an athlete on 13 traits tied to athletic success using a 1-100 scoring system to establish an athlete's current mindset baseline.

Grit Trait Icon Grit Trait Icon
Composure Trait Icon Composure Trait Icon
Confidence Trait Icon Confidence Trait Icon
Motivational Drive Trait Icon Motivational Drive Trait Icon
Motivational Drive

Mental Toughness Decorative border

Growth Mindset Trait Icon Growth Mindset Trait Icon
Growth Mindset
Attention to Detail Trait Icon Attention to Detail Trait Icon
Attention to Detail
Conventionality Trait Icon Conventionality Trait Icon

Coachability Decorative border

Focus Speed Trait Icon Focus Speed Trait Icon
Focus Speed
Decisiveness Trait Icon Decisiveness Trait Icon
Adaptability Trait Icon Adaptability Trait Icon

Mental Execution Decorative border

Our system then runs comparative analytics to categorize the traits for development prioritization and planning.

Orange circle with an N in it and the word Novice above
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Development Need
Novice when compared to peers.
Green circle with 57 in it and the word Competitive above
Decorative arrow
Development Opportunity
Competitive with peers.
Dark Green circle with 89 in it and the word Elite above
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Hone Strength
Elite when compared to peers.

Mindset Training

Report showing athlete development needs
Self awareness is the first step to improvement. The TAP reporting provides insights not only on strengths, but also on the traits that need further development to take an athlete's game to the next level.
Laptop with Mindset Training website
Integrated online training content is available 24/7 to help athletes improve their mental game.
Graph showing mindset improvement
Does it work? After 6 months of mindset training, a pilot group of high school athletes showed a 37% improvement in their overall TAP scoring!
"What I love most is that the TAP not only gives our athletes insight about themselves and their teammates, it also helps them grow in their mental game through the integrated mindset training. It provides invaluable 24/7 access to self-improvement."
NCAA Division 1 Women's Soccer Coach
Teammates hugging and smiling

Used by

Over 300,000 athletes have taken the TAP to date making it the largest athlete mindset database on the planet representing:

  • 10+ Pro leagues
    Including MLB®, MLS®, NBA®, NFL®, NHL®, NPF®, PBR®, PLL®, WNBA®, WPLL®, and more
  • 2,000+ Colleges
  • 5,000+ High Schools
"I can tell you from my experience, it's very accurate."
Bill Belichick
Head Coach, New England Patriots, 6x Super Bowl Champion
TAP User Since 1991

"Far different than the more well-known Wonderlic test - which includes verbal and math questions you might expect to find on the SAT or ACT - the TAP bills itself as an "athletic mindset assessment." Its goal? To measure intangibles like mental toughness, coachability and composure."


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Why are athletes underachieving?

Today's generation of athletes might be the most athletic and technically trained ever - but mentally, they are struggling and that causes them to underachieve athletically. Two independent trends among elite athletes illustrate this:

Shield with a downwards trend


Mental Toughness scoring among NFL prospects is down 12% over the last decade.

Person standing confidently with a downwards trend


Confidence scoring on the TAP is down 11% across athletes of all levels in the last 5 years.

Mental Toughness trend between 2013-2022
Source: TAP Results from 5,376 prospective players tested by Ryzer's NFL® team clients from 2013-2022

When athletes improve their TAP scores
they also improve their

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Mental Performance
Mental Toughness Icon
Mental Toughness
Self-understanding Icon