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Events and tools to elevate your game and showcase your abilities.

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Ryzer Events

Gain access to 25,000 recruiting and instructional events. Our patented system introduces you to the most relevant events hosted by leading college coaches and event organizers. Whether your goal is to get better or get noticed, Ryzer is your ticket.

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COACHES & DIRECTORS - Learn how Ryzer Events can streamline your marketing, management, and registration.

We Empower

2 Million Athletes
25,000 Events
10,000 Coaches/Directors
2,500 College Teams

Ryzer Mindset

Our online assessment, the "TAP", has been used by professional teams across all sports for 35 years. Recognized for its success with New England Patriots, the TAP helps identify and maximize the 12 intangibles that lead to athletic success. Now it's available to all athletes ages 13+.

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Ryzer Mindset