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Search across 25,000 prospect and instructional events nationwide. Our patented system alerts you of relevant events hosted by leading college coaches and event organizers. Whether the goal is to get better or get noticed, Ryzer's got you covered.

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Designed for athletes ages 13+, Ryzer's athletic mindset platform helps athletes develop a mental edge.

Learn: The TAP is a 20-minute online assessment that identifies an athlete's mental strengths and areas for improvement.

Improve: Ryzer offers 25+ video courses packed with techniques proven to help athletes improve confidence, mental toughness, and coachability.

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How to grow your athletic mindset

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Ryzer Leaderboards compile verified event data from the past year across several key metrics in an athlete's sport. Attend Verified events and claim scorecards to see how one's metrics stack up both regionally and nationally.

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Build a FREE Resume to showcase athletic achievements, verified physical metrics, and mindset traits. Connect with 5,000+ college programs who use Ryzer. Help event organizers get to know the athlete prior to attending their events with an updated Resume.

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