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Coachability Boot Camp

Coachability is about attitude, not athletic skill. Purchase this boot camp to gain knowledge on how to effectively use the coaching you are given to make you a better athlete!

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What is the Coachability Boot Camp?

Athletes and parents spend countless hours and money looking for the perfect coach, but finding the perfect coach means nothing if an athlete is not coachable. In this boot camp you will receive access to courses in Growth Mindset, Attention to Detail and Conventionality. These traits will help an athlete utilize the coaching they receive and improve their game!

Humble Yourself.

A large ego can make us too proud and unwilling to see our flaws. An athlete must have humility when it comes to coaching. Athletes who fail to shed their ego and accept coaching often plateau in their sport due to being unable to objectively identify their weaknesses and accept criticism. Being capable of listening to feedback will not only help athletes on the field, but throughout their entire lives.

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What's Included?

4 Courses

This boot camp of 4 online courses covers all aspects of Coachability. Students of these courses will receive the information and tools to improve and excel in these 4 traits to take their athletics and life to new heights.

11 Videos

Instructor Rob Pike will guide you through these engaging Coachability video courses and teach you how to implement your new knowledge to take your mental game to the next level!

10 Worksheets

Follow along and practice the skills that Instructor Pike teaches during the course videos by completing the corresponding course Coachability worksheets.

11 Quizzes

Track your understanding of each section by completing a quiz at the end of each section. After passing the section quiz you can advance to the next section.

4 Course Exams

Ensure that you have mastered each trait of Coachability by completing the final exam at the end of each course.

1 TAP Assessment

Where do your Coachability scores stand? Use the included TAP to mark your starting point.

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4 Performance Traits

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The 10 Attributes of Athletes That Coaches Look For

Discover and evaluate your abilities on the 10 attributes that coaches prioritize in their athletes.

4 Performance Traits

Coachability Icon

The 10 Attributes of Athletes That Coaches Look For

Discover and evaluate your abilities on the 10 attributes that coaches prioritize in their athletes.

Growth Mindset Icon

Adopting a Growth Mindset for Athlete Success

Learn how to cultivate and utilize a Growth Mindset to enhance your performance in sports, academics, and everyday life.

Attention to Detail Icon

The Power of Habits for Athletes

Learn a proven process to create new empowering habits or get rid of bad ones and put them into practice with the "Champions Time" punctuality habit.

Adapt. Grow. Improve.

It is natural to become defensive when critiqued. Athletes need to learn to shed that natural instinct and accept the feedback they are given. Coaches are there to help you refocus your goals and give insight from an external view. Using the resources in this boot camp you will learn how to accept feedback and use it to improve your game!

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Tools for Success

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You will not only feel your progress, but see it too! Take a TAP assessment at the start and end of your training to see how much you've grown.

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Course Flow

You know yourself best, which is why you may complete the courses in any order! To ensure you are taking adequate time to digest the material, you will not be able to start a new course until you have finished your current course.

Try Before You Buy

Get a feel of what our full boot camps have to offer by trying our free course, Controlling the Controllables!

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What is "Control the Controllables"?

When you focus your attention on the Controllables in your sport and life, your results improve. Discover a technique employed by the US Navy SEALs to Control the Controllables in uncomfortable situations. Similarly, you will learn a pre-competition exercise that can assist you in identifying the essential controllables to concentrate on and help enhance your performance.

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