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Win the Mental Game with

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Used by the pros for decades, now available for college and high school teams

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Why Mindset

If you are a coach that values the mental game, Ryzer Mindset was built for you.

Better Coaching

More effectively coach the team and each player based upon their unique mental makeup.

Better Development

Systematically develop each player to reach their full potential through targeted mindset training.

Better Experience

Improved interactions with your players and their parents. Help your players get noticed by college coaches through the integrated Ryzer Recruit.

Mindset for coaches
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As Featured In

"Far different than the more well-known Wonderlic test - which includes verbal and math questions you might expect to find on the SAT or ACT - the TAP bills itself as an "athletic mindset assessment." Its goal? To measure intangibles like mental toughness, coachability and composure."

by PHIL PERRY See article and hear interview w/ Dr. Troutwine, creator of the TAP

Used By

Over 250,000 athletes have taken the TAP to date making it the largest athlete mindset database on the planet representing:

  • 10 Pro leagues
    including NFL®, MLB®, NHL®, NBA®, MLS®, PLL®, WPLL®, NPF®, and more
  • 2,000+ Colleges
  • 5,000+ High Schools
Mindset Mental Toughness Scoring Chart Source: TAP Results from 4,797 prospective players tested by NFL teams from 2012-2020

Today's Athletes are Different

Today's generation of athletes might be the most athletic and technically trained ever -- but mentally, they are regressing and harder to coach.

TAP Test on Phone Troutwine Athletic Profile (TAP)

The TAP Measures Mental "Intangibles"

To aid with evaluation, coaching, and holistic development of athletes

  • 100 questions, 25 minutes
  • Purpose-built for Athletics
  • Measurements include Mental Toughness, Confidence, Coachability, and more

"The secret to coaching an athlete effectively is knowing what's in their head and heart. The TAP was designed to tell you exactly that."

Dr. Robert Troutwine
Creator of the TAP
Pro Sports Psychologist
Co-Founder of Ryzer Mindset

"I can tell you from my experience, it's very accurate."

Bill Belichick
6x World Champion Head Coach
TAP User Since 1991

Mindset Score Dials How to improve your score

What's Included: Athletes & Parents

TAP Traits Scoring
TAP reporting displays the player's scores on the 12 TAP Performance Traits with comparisons to peers

Sports Psychologist Commentary
For each player, custom personalized insights and suggestions to reach full potential from Dr. Robert Troutwine, creator of the TAP

Mindset Training
Each player will have access to integrated online content to hone their strengths and improve their weaknesses

BONUS - A special report for Parents with extra insights on each athlete is included for no extra fee

"I just read my daughter's TAP report and found it spot on. The traits mentioned in each category are on point and the report described her to a T. Thanks for this test, it has opened our eyes to strengths and weaknesses." Parent of elite high school softball player

What's Included: Coaches

Team Analysis
Learn how your team stacks up mentally compared to your peers. Identify your team's mental strengths and topics needing improvement for maximum gains. Understand team chemistry and potential gaps among the different athlete types.

Athlete-Centric Guidance
Receive reports on each player's mental makeup and how to most effectively coach them. See player stack-rankings on an array of important mental traits to aid with personnel decisions.

How it works for coaches
"Although we found the reports on the individual players to be very beneficial in working with them, what we found most valuable was learning about the overall personality and make-up of the entire team. I don't know of another tool that could have provided us these insights and we found the information very useful in developing our high-level strategy for the upcoming season." Head Coach of elite high school football team
Improving confidence

Mindset Training

Integrated online training content is available 24/7 to help your players improve their mental games.

Does it work? After 6 months of mindset training, a pilot group of high school athletes showed a 37% improvement in their overall TAP scoring!

TAP for Recruiting

Thousands of college and pro coaches use Ryzer to manage their athlete events and scouting evaluations. Our upcoming Ryzer Recruit service will allow your players to show off their mental prowess to make them more desirable to teams at the next level.

Athletes that take the TAP have a better chance of being noticed by college/pro coaches as they will appear in more search results.

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